Birthday Reminder Apps for iPhone

Birthdays are the most important days in people’s life, but it can be very hard to remember birthdays of all the friends and relatives in your life. SO, to make your life easier, there are birthday reminder apps available in the iTunes store that can assist you in remembering birthdays of all your friends so that you don’t miss any more birthdays in life. There are many iphone birthday calendars available to download and given below are some of the top ranked apps.

Happy B’day! – Birthday Reminder
This is one of the best and easiest apps to use. You can use this app to import birthday list from Facebook or your contact list or even enter a birthday on the calendar. It has various greeting card options that you can send along with your wishes either on Facebook, Twitter, email or SMS.

Birthday Calendar +
It is one of the most comprehensive birthday reminder apps that provide iphone birthday calendars. You can even store other important events to set reminders. It allows you to send customized messages along with virtual gifts on Facebook wall, SMS, email or even twitter wall. The paid version of this app comes with additional features and it is without advertisements.

Birthday Sweet
It is one of the best free birthday reminder apps available in the iTunes store. It imports all the details of your friends from Facebook and your contact along with details of how old a person is turning on this birthday. You can also send customized messages using this app. You can post e-cards on your friend’s Facebook wall without having to logon to Facebook.

My Birthday Calendar
This is one of the better versions of free birthday apps that provide a timeline as well as calendar view. You can send customized messages to your loved ones either by SMS, email or posting on their Facebook wall. The push notification of reminders makes sure that you do not miss them. You can easily import all your friends’ details from Facebook.

Birthday Wall
This app can be used to set birthday reminders to send custom birthday messages. It can allow you to post on the person’s wall without having to logon to Facebook, thus saving a lot of time. It is one of the best iphone birthday calendars that never lets you miss any more birthdays.


My Calendar Mobile vs Birthday Calendar Pal

Apps comparison can be difficult and especially when considering similar popular apps that present the same functionality to users. You have to consider the finer details to come up with distinctive variation to conclude that a certain app is the best compared to another. Birthday calendar reminders are popular apps which present almost similar usability, functionality and design to mobile users. It therefore becomes a task to single out the best app in the market and what really makes it the best Birthday calendar reminders app among others. Obviously, there are many popular Birthday calendar reminders app in the market but we’ll evaluate Birthday Calendar Pal versus My Calendar Mobile to see which one scores highly on given factors such as usability, functionality, compatibility, design and layout.

Platform Compatibility

On platform and OS compatibility, both app are designed for Apple and they offer compatibility on iPhone and iPod touch. My Calendar Mobile app requires iOS 5.0 or later while Birthday Calendar Pal requires iOS 4.3 or later so, that means if you have an iPhone running on iOS 4.3, you will be able to install and use Birthday Calendar Pal which is an advantage. Consider a situation where you may be operating two mobile devices, a lower version and a higher version. Though app cost here is manageable, it would have been different with costly software.

Design and layout

My Calendar Mobile

My Calendar Mobile

Design and layout is one of the popular app features with users, it directly connect with their preferences and likes. On UI, My Calendar Mobile has a mixture of green, red and black on interface but some screen features like birthday alerts are completely in black, birthday theme in black? Birthday Calendar Pal comes with a purple and green silky color blending and the interface including alert screen is truly intuitive and professionally done. Not many app users will choose black for birthday, personally I won’t.

So, on design and layout, it is a plus for Birthday Calendar Pal.

Birthday Calendar Pal

Birthday Calendar Pal

App Usability

Usability is the measure of how easy to use an app is in the eyes of users. For example, does the app provide extra information on tasks or does it come with some form of flexibility. Birthday Calendar Pal comes with attractive contextual icons for various alerts and notifications which create a far superior usability compared to My Calendar Mobile. Birthday events are glossily bolded with a silk informative highlight which clearly does not compare to the red or black borderline provided on My Calendar Mobile. When you compare Birthday Calendar Pal versus My Calendar Mobile on usability, that connection of an interactive interface is lacking in My Calendar Mobile.

App functionality

The ability to delivery service is a key feature of every app and users become increasingly irritated when they download a popular app only to find it is limited on some key functionality. While some app will only stop at delivering the bare minimum, others go overboard to provide added array of solutions making them complete in functionality. It is no doubt that Birthday Calendar Pal goes overboard in functionality when compared to My Calendar Mobile. Using Birthday Calendar Pal, you will be able to schedule incoming birthdays more quickly and ahead of time than when using My Calendar Mobile.

Birthday Calendar Pal is also loaded with extra management tools with hundreds of greeting card combos to make your birthday messages unique and special better than what is offered in My Calendar Mobile. Users will experience a sense of great value knowing that they can access and send birthday cards on-the-go, more like having greeting card store on your iPhone. That is one of the clear distinctive functionality features that you will get on Birthday Calendar Pal. I find My Calendar Mobile limited on functionality and extra added value as a Birthday calendar reminders app on iTunes and definitely, I would recommend Birthday Calendar Pal as the best Birthday calendar reminders app here. To read another Birthday Calendar Pal review click here.

Birthday Calendars Are Something You Cannot Live Without

Of the many important events that relates to friends and relatives, birthday is one event that you cannot afford to forget and especially for special friends. We have all gone through the embarrassing moments of sending belated birthday cards and messages once in awhile not to mention how awkward it feels. With abundance of cool apps in the market, you don’t have to send another belated card. Get a birthday calendars app on your mobile devices such as iPhone and iPod touch to alert you of incoming friends birthdays and even get options on how to react to such events. With birthday calendar apps, you will never disappoint friends or relatives again on birthdays.


One birthday calendars app that you will find really useful is Birthday Calendar Pal that lets you plan in advance for incoming events. The first impression of Birthday Calendar Pal is that of birthday themed interface that truly blend with its functionality. The glossy purple on green UI gives the alluring birthday mood that entices anyone to explore more. Users can list incoming birthdays in list view or personalize to view birthdays per event. Setting up birthday messages and cards is fairly easy and you can actually schedule weekly, monthly or yearly birthday messages in a moment.

Birthday Calendar Pal is compatible with iPhone and iPod touch and is designed to make sure that you don’t miss any birthday event by providing a list of incoming birthdays and schedules. You can create birthday cards from scratch or make use of the many free birthday card samples provided for quick customization. If you are one of the birthday minders who like to do things a little bit different, take advantage of the free birthday jokes that comes with this birthday calendars app to spice up your birthday messages. Everyone look forward to a great time during birthdays and a special birthday card from Birthday Calendar Pal will make that special event even more joyous.

Birthday Calendar Pal is social media optimized and you can synchronize contacts with Facebook accounts so that friends can receive birthday cards and messages on their Facebook walls. Mobile app users are looking for complete toolkits that can deliver on functionality without limitations on mobility. Such whole built-in design capabilities are what Birthday Calendar Pal delivers on birthdays. You will always feel at home using this birthday calendars app, never worrying about late schedules or unattended friends or relatives birthdays. On usability, Birthday Calendar Pal is user friendly with an easy to use layout design.

When compared to other birthday calendars apps at APP Store, I find Birthday Calendar Pal fairly priced at $.99 and it is a great value and addition to any iPhone or iPod touch. App Store has thousands of great apps but not many at that cost will deliver real value like Birthday Calendar Pal does. If you would like a birthday calendars app with an array of solutions on how to reach to friends and relatives birthdays, download Birthday Calendar Pal at App Store. I recommend this app to iPhone and iPod users who would like to keep their smart phones alive with a productive app that adds value to their daily tasks.