Birthday Reminder Apps for iPhone

Birthdays are the most important days in people’s life, but it can be very hard to remember birthdays of all the friends and relatives in your life. SO, to make your life easier, there are birthday reminder apps available in the iTunes store that can assist you in remembering birthdays of all your friends so that you don’t miss any more birthdays in life. There are many iphone birthday calendars available to download and given below are some of the top ranked apps.

Happy B’day! – Birthday Reminder
This is one of the best and easiest apps to use. You can use this app to import birthday list from Facebook or your contact list or even enter a birthday on the calendar. It has various greeting card options that you can send along with your wishes either on Facebook, Twitter, email or SMS.

Birthday Calendar +
It is one of the most comprehensive birthday reminder apps that provide iphone birthday calendars. You can even store other important events to set reminders. It allows you to send customized messages along with virtual gifts on Facebook wall, SMS, email or even twitter wall. The paid version of this app comes with additional features and it is without advertisements.

Birthday Sweet
It is one of the best free birthday reminder apps available in the iTunes store. It imports all the details of your friends from Facebook and your contact along with details of how old a person is turning on this birthday. You can also send customized messages using this app. You can post e-cards on your friend’s Facebook wall without having to logon to Facebook.

My Birthday Calendar
This is one of the better versions of free birthday apps that provide a timeline as well as calendar view. You can send customized messages to your loved ones either by SMS, email or posting on their Facebook wall. The push notification of reminders makes sure that you do not miss them. You can easily import all your friends’ details from Facebook.

Birthday Wall
This app can be used to set birthday reminders to send custom birthday messages. It can allow you to post on the person’s wall without having to logon to Facebook, thus saving a lot of time. It is one of the best iphone birthday calendars that never lets you miss any more birthdays.


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