Birthday Calendars Are Something You Cannot Live Without

Of the many important events that relates to friends and relatives, birthday is one event that you cannot afford to forget and especially for special friends. We have all gone through the embarrassing moments of sending belated birthday cards and messages once in awhile not to mention how awkward it feels. With abundance of cool apps in the market, you don’t have to send another belated card. Get a birthday calendars app on your mobile devices such as iPhone and iPod touch to alert you of incoming friends birthdays and even get options on how to react to such events. With birthday calendar apps, you will never disappoint friends or relatives again on birthdays.


One birthday calendars app that you will find really useful is Birthday Calendar Pal that lets you plan in advance for incoming events. The first impression of Birthday Calendar Pal is that of birthday themed interface that truly blend with its functionality. The glossy purple on green UI gives the alluring birthday mood that entices anyone to explore more. Users can list incoming birthdays in list view or personalize to view birthdays per event. Setting up birthday messages and cards is fairly easy and you can actually schedule weekly, monthly or yearly birthday messages in a moment.

Birthday Calendar Pal is compatible with iPhone and iPod touch and is designed to make sure that you don’t miss any birthday event by providing a list of incoming birthdays and schedules. You can create birthday cards from scratch or make use of the many free birthday card samples provided for quick customization. If you are one of the birthday minders who like to do things a little bit different, take advantage of the free birthday jokes that comes with this birthday calendars app to spice up your birthday messages. Everyone look forward to a great time during birthdays and a special birthday card from Birthday Calendar Pal will make that special event even more joyous.

Birthday Calendar Pal is social media optimized and you can synchronize contacts with Facebook accounts so that friends can receive birthday cards and messages on their Facebook walls. Mobile app users are looking for complete toolkits that can deliver on functionality without limitations on mobility. Such whole built-in design capabilities are what Birthday Calendar Pal delivers on birthdays. You will always feel at home using this birthday calendars app, never worrying about late schedules or unattended friends or relatives birthdays. On usability, Birthday Calendar Pal is user friendly with an easy to use layout design.

When compared to other birthday calendars apps at APP Store, I find Birthday Calendar Pal fairly priced at $.99 and it is a great value and addition to any iPhone or iPod touch. App Store has thousands of great apps but not many at that cost will deliver real value like Birthday Calendar Pal does. If you would like a birthday calendars app with an array of solutions on how to reach to friends and relatives birthdays, download Birthday Calendar Pal at App Store. I recommend this app to iPhone and iPod users who would like to keep their smart phones alive with a productive app that adds value to their daily tasks.